Token Hack

Aug 15, 2019.

In the first half of 2019, hackers stole over $4 billion of crypto assets from.

another massive disaster for crypto investors: the Plus Token app.

Uniswap is believed to have lost between $300,000 and $1.1 million in imBTC tokens. According to Tokenlon, the first attack targeted Uniswap at 8 p.m. EDT Friday using an exploit that targeted.

Example: Hacking the iButton Authentication Token. The Dallas Semiconductor DS1991 MultiKey iButton ( is a hardware authentication token.

Nov 22, 2018.

We discuss 5 methods for hacking APIs: Reverse engineering, user.

it is essentially useless, as the token itself is what makes the session.

Mar 29, 2020.

The attacker will use mimikatz or a similar hacking application to dump the password hash; Load that Kerberos token into any session for any.

Jun 6, 2011.

The authentication server knows what number a particular token should.

that the hack would not allow any "direct attack" on SecurID tokens;.

Bertani added that the listing facilitates an easy token switch and creates a new gateway.

suffered a $25 million hack on April 19. The hacker subsequently returned the stolen money as of.

Do Crypto Stablecoins Threaten Financial Stability? – Fiat-backed stablecoins often find themselves in an impossible position because the lack of bank cooperation means that they.

In the first two weeks of May, they’ve hit the dark web, hawking 200 million stolen records from over a dozen companies.

The Uniswap attack leveraged a known vulnerability in the ERC77 token standard.

While the dForce hack is entire separate from the Uniswap hack, it is believed that the same exploit was used.

Israel was behind a cyberattack that disrupted a major port in Iran, done in response to an attempt by the Revolutionary.

The DeFi Hack: What Decentralized Finance Should and Shouldn’t Be – We can assume these funds are going to cover the losses from the hack. I spoke with two DeFi CEOs.

DForce also stole Kava’s USDX token name and ticker — despite us announcing our token.

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Dec 13, 2019.

VeChain token slips over 4% after an unknown hacker has redirected.

VeChain Foundation noted that the hack is in “no way related” to the.

Feb 18, 2020.

Security tokens should be DeFi, but are currently an awkward fit because of their strict regulatory requirements and haven't exactly taken the.

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Ironically, the hacker didn’t return the same mix of assets that was stolen, instead returning the $24 million in a different combination of cryptocurrency tokens. This comes immediately.