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[Simone] was trying to reverse-engineer the Bluetooth protocol of his Nike+ Fuelband and made some surprising.

algorithm just checks for a hard-coded token of 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff.

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Blackphone is designed to be the solution to this problem, so when we ran into a few members of the Blackphone crew at DEFCON, we were pretty interested to take a quick peek at their device.

XKCD 936, the comic that introduced the phrase, ‘correct horse battery staple’ into both the lexicon.

[m145mcc] has a handy password generator that fits in his pocket.

By that token, though, so is 13 because despite all odds, the crew made it home. The truth is, we were pushing the envelope going to the moon back in those days. Each mission had problems.

This can drastically reduce the impact of a stolen/leaked password. Consider using a hardware token in critical accounts, like Yubikey. Check online for any leaks that might have affected you.

Mfc Hack [ Myfreecam Tokens Hack Generator ]Ethics In Engineering: Volkswagen’s Diesel Fiasco – Cars with diesel engines are far less common in the US as compared to Europe, and the reason for this is not as simple as fuel costs or simple preference. Diesel fuel contains more energy than an.

You might be surprised to find out that it’s actually not a good idea to put all of your credit card information on a little Bluetooth enabled device in your pocket.

[Mr G] in London sent in his pin sentry hack. He wasn’t pleased that the device looks like an old calculator, so he rigged up a SMS board to send him his pin on demand. He multiplexed the output.

These fears were allayed somewhat after a photo of an actual prototype was revealed. Recently, Pine64 announced development of their PineTime smartwatch. Eagle-eyed spectators quickly identified.