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Hello, I’m very, very new to C++ and I’m taking computer science course right now for fun. I really want to learn C++ but I’m having a lot of trouble with this new homework assignment and I’m hoping I.

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I need to make a simple parser for parsing PHP files (classes, functions et al) and I have read both Flex and Bison manual. I have read somewhere that I must build Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) and.

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I cannot get the functions to work or complie properly.

Microsoft thinks I should allready know this too, but I don’t. are you using MFC? If you are, then the every window has an m_hWnd object,

Others more steeped in MFC might be able to advise you on how you can finagle this code back into Win32 or might be able to suggest a means through which you can access the serial port with the API.

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I cannot figure out why is this error coming and how to resolve it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for your reply. That error got resolved but now I am having.

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Using ShellExecute command – I have a C++ program( using VC++6.0 with MFC) which calls another C++ .exe and performs some actions on it. The problem I am facing is that I get the file name of the .exe by using a GetDirectory.

I want to use static_cast<int> on a void* member Variable in another class. (class aMessage). aMessage class has a public variable void* pVar. While using static_cast.

So I have to get a working program for analyzing text, picking up words that has got 2 symbols and which are numbers and if their sum is not more than 9 i has to delete them. I’m about to be done with.