How Much Do Tokens Cost On Mfc

09.02.2018 · copied from MFC Question: How much does this cost? What are tokens? The only thing that costs money on our site are tokens that are used for private shows, group shows, spy shows, and tips.

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Menu. MFC Token Conversions. Thread starter Poker_Babe. Start date Feb 14, 2012. No matter how much money you spend on a token, the model will always get $0.05 per token. (I sometimes get asked by people in my room if I get more or less money depending on what token package they buy.)

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Virtual tokens are used on MFC as currency. Here is how it works: Users on the site purchase the token using real money. They then use them to tip Most of the biggest tippers on MFC do not buy theirs from the site. They get their tokens by using exclusive tools that take advantage of loopholes in.

Tokens on any site cost roughly $10 per 100 tokens. All token package purchases should be rounded to $5 or $10 to decrease confusion. $500 tokens $45. See how it is very easy to see you saved $5 on that purchase. This does not change the creator percentage, as people who purchase more.

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What do the tokens equate to for the girls? I know the cost of 10 tokens is $20 or something like that for the men but how She just got 777 tokens and started squealing but how money much is that? Thank you! I'm excited to be part of this.

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how do you guys all know what he is talking about ? I am a Cam Girl on MFC AND THESE ARE THE CONVERSIONS! 10 tokens = $0.50 20 tokens = $1.00 50 tokens = $2.50 75 tokens = $3.75 100 tokens.

There are a variety of Token bundles available for purchase. Here are the default price points for the various Token bundles Additional Token bonuses and promotional offers are made available on a regular basis so make sure to check back regularly to earn even more Tokens for the regular price.

Both will partner on leading the remaining aspects of the MFChain token sale and additional vital partnerships.

previously the chief blockchain consultant for MFC, has accepted a new role.