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A new set of regulations from the U.S. Department of Education will change how colleges and universities handle sexual.

Piped Noise, Robots And ‘Sex Dolls’: How To Liven Up An Empty Stadium – After South Korean football club FC Seoul was accused of placing sex dolls in the stands, AFP Sport looks at some of the.

At least 100 babies born into Ukraine’s booming surrogate motherhood business have become marooned in the country, and more.

Live Cam Show It was a pretty standard at-home performance until the very end, when Haim simultaneously turned off all their house lights. We’ll take a look at Facebook’s acquisition of Giphy, plus the new streaming ‘Star Trek’ show and our review of Microsoft’s. Webcam, keyboard sales surge as workers set up home offices – Webcam and keyboard

A policy of making men and women leave their homes on alternate days during lockdown in Bogotá is fuelling violence towards the transgender community by the police and the public, activists say. The.